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Our day to life is very busy with lots of work and activities and we try to balance it so as to make it smoother and sweeter . The first and foremost task is to find a place to stay I.e a good house/flat. Everybody is hustling to make it a reality with his or her own limitations. Once this is done rest other things automatically falls in place. Where we stay , where we spend our life have a huge impact on us as satisfaction is the key to happy and healthy life.

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With growing populations and urbanisation, independence houses are becoming a past and in most of the cities flat is the safest place to stay as it signifies the joint family concept. In metros and tier 1 and tier 2 cities most of the families stay in flats in various cooperative hosing societies. The word cooperative implies for non profit organisation run by a team of honorary members committee elected by rest of the flat owners of that society I.e by cooperating each other by doing specified and assigned work.

For running the cooperative societies function systematically and for carrying out various activities like security, regular maintenance , water supply and so on , funds are needed and these funds are collected by way of monthly maintenance charges form the flat owners depending on their flat sizes and other VAS. Mostly a three member team namely Chairman, Secretory and treasurer carry out these assigned responsibilities and being honorary work non body is paid . So collecting and following up for collecting these funds on a monthly basis keeping a record, generating bills etc is very hectic and time consuming. Also it becomes very difficult to follow up with auditors , CAs etc for regular maintenance bills, accounts , taxation and so on. Moreover society is expected to pay monthly charges for creating these bills and these charges are increasing on a YoY basis.

Moreover collecting and following up cheque’s from the society members towards maintenance charges and banking them is extremely difficult for society authorities and possibilities of missing dead lines leads to impose various fines and interests to the flat owners for delays in payment.

The governments initiatives for digitalising and promoting online payments have fortunately started yielding the results now and online payments acceptances are seen everywhere.

Keeping these facts in mind VSA eSoft LLP, has developed an application wherein society maintenance bills can be paid online and systematic track record for each member can be kept online. This system is an innovative system with specialities like saving paper, costs associated with traditional billing system, record keeping, maintenance of huge files etc. This application can be downloaded on our cell phones and all the records like online payment of monthly bills, record of last bills paid , outstanding if any etc. the system will automatically send notifications to the flat owners for paying their bills on time and once paid the record will be automatically updated . Moreover there are other links availed for payment of electricity bills, municipal corporation property tax payments etc.

The application also has a facility management facility wherein the electrician , plumber etc will be allowed to register and hence can be contacted as and when needed so as to avoid hustles. Details of various events, programmes etc can also be sent through this app as timely intimation of various further and present events can be circulated to all the society members.

Other facilities such as accounts maintenance , reconciliations etc will be starting very soon which will further make the things easy for the working committee and the most important part is all these activities are possible at 1/3 of the present cost and with green and paperless India initiative.

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