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About VSA eSoft

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VSA eSoft LLP believes in bringing happiness in every Indian’s life by giving innovative solutions for particularly those problems where punctuality is an essence and can reduce cost.

For every human being the basic needs are shelter, food and cloths . The moment we say shelter various issues related comes to our mind. Shelter i.e house either in urban or rural area comes under various government bodies such as Municipal Corporation , Gram Panchayat and so on . These bodies provide all sorts of services such as good infrastructure , power, water , sanitation, health etc for good living. In turn they charge some taxes to be paid either annually or monthly. Similarly due to increase in population and migration of people from villages to towns, problem related with space is created and the concept of flats cames in where a peace of land has many homes in the form of flats and are governed under cooperative housing societies. These societies also provide water and other basic facilities and in turn collects some monthly charges for smoothly running and providing these facilities.

Paying all such taxes and duties on time is very essential as delayed payment attract interest and penalties. Presently these taxes are paid through cheque payments which is causing troubles mainly due to delay in issuance due to non availability of time and or negligence . Keeping all such facts and the push to digital payments by government of India, VSA eSoft LLP has introduced iMOCS I.e intelligent management of cooperative societies by way of online payments of society charges, property taxes and other utility bills along with other facilities like facilities management providing access to primary services like Plumbing, Electrical maintenance, Sweeper and so on.

Presently billing etc is carried out by various agencies and accountants and hence errors, delay etc are very common. Moreover the charges paid for availing these services are very high and time lapse is the main worry.

This is a state of the art application which is simple to operate with gamut of all the aforesaid mentioned services. Digital payment system to assist timely payment of all the important taxes related with property associated with facility management, events and in future complete accounting of societies and security. This application is available in both android and iOS platform.

Health and proper medical facilities is the second very important part of our life as delay in getting these services is always life threatening. Due to increased working hours combined with work pressure and stress are the prime causes of various diseases. VSA eSoft where the problems related with our basic needs are analyzed and suitable digital platform is provided for easing out these problems. IDOCTS is one such application launched by VSA where user have access to doctors and can seek online appointment, advice and get the best treatment. The uniqueness is with the emergency services tab where in on arriving of any medical emergency 24*7 , the user can find out nearest doctor in required specialisation and upon clicking on his name, a sms will be sent to the doctor and the user/ patient can talk the doctor and the application will navigate him to the nearest doctor avoiding delay in searching the hospital and the running around. This facility is going to save precious time and the patient will get timely medical assistance and in turn saving of valuable life. The registration and use of this application is absolutely free for both I.e doctors and users and hence this is going to be useful for both.


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For running the cooperative societies function systematically and for carrying out various activities like security, regular maintenance , water supply and so on , funds are needed and these funds are collected by way of monthly maintenance charges from the flat owners depending on their flat sizes and other VAS. Mostly a three member team namely Chairman, Secretory and Treasurer carry out these assigned responsibilities and being honorary work nobody is paid . So collecting and following up for these dues on a monthly basis, keeping a record, generating bills etc is very hectic and time consuming. Also it becomes very difficult to follow up with auditors , CAs etc for generating regular maintenance bills, account statement, taxation and so on. Moreover society is expected to pay monthly charges for creating these bills and these charges are increasing on a YoY basis.Following up for cheques from the society members towards maintenance charges and banking them is extremely difficult for society authorities and possibilities of missing dead lines leads to various fines and interests.

The governments initiatives for digitalising and promoting online payments have fortunately started yielding the results now and online payments acceptances are seen everywhere. Keeping these facts in mind VSA eSoft LLP, has developed an application wherein society maintenance bills can be paid online and systematic track record for each member can be kept. This system is an innovative system with specialities like saving paper, costs associated with traditional billing system, record keeping, maintenance of huge files etc. This application can be downloaded on our cell phones and all the records like online payment of monthly bills, record of last bill paid, outstanding if any can be easily accessed. The system will automati1cally send notifications to the flat owners for paying their bills on time and once paid the record will be automatically updated. Moreover there are other links available for payment of Electricity bills, Municipal Corporation property tax payments etc.

The application also provide a facility management where in Electrician , Plumber etc can register and hence can be contacted as and when needed so as to avoid hustles. Details of various events, programmes etc can also be sent through this app as timely intimation of various future and present events can be circulated to all the society members. Other facilities such as accounts maintenance , reconciliations etc will be starting very soon which will further make the things easy for the working committee and the most important part is all these activities are possible at 1/3 of the present cost and with green and paperless India initiative.


VSA eSoft LLP believes in bringing happiness in every Indian’s life by giving innovative solutions for particularly those problems where punctuality is an essence and can reduce the cost.

Good health, timely and good medical care and treatment in the nearest vicinity are some of the primary necessities of the present hectic life. Everybody is working hard and trying his or her best to keep their family happy, fit and fine. In this busy and struggling world, timely assistance at every stage of life is very important and keeping this in view, VSA eSoft LLP team has developed this medico app named IDOCTS where in reaching an appropriate doctor in shortest time for proper and life saving treatment is made possible. This medico app with “Your Health Our Mission“is committed to provide all sorts of assistance for booking doctors' appointment online by using a real time technology. On the top of that the most amazing feature and facility is the emergency tab which is like a friend in need is the friend in deed. Just download and register with the app for free and whenever you have any medical emergency,choose the specialised doctors from the available list of expert doctors which will be displayed. Upon choosing one of them, a SMS will send to the doctor and post confirmation from the doctors appintment will be book.The doctor selection and choice is with the patient and the patient will have the option to choose any of the available doctors from the list. Post this the patient and doctor will be able to communicate with each other and the app will navigate the patient and or relatives to reach the hospital by shortest possible route.

The sole objective of this is to ensure the right treatment at the right time for the needy patient.Download and registration is absolutely free for both patients and doctors for lifetime.

Our primary mission of launching this app is ensuring timely medical assistance to the critical and chronic patients along with helping other patients to reach the right doctor for regular treatments for whom otherwise this task would had been cumbersome.

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